Commercial Diving Salvage

Commercial Diving Salvage

Cross Marines Commercial Diving Salvage Team remove submerged equipment and structures from adverse environments. Whether in a fast moving river or in a low visibility pond of sulfuric acid, our team is equipped to safely remove submerged debris. We are also known for our ability to locate and recover sunken vessels and aircraft from remote inland locations. Our marine salvage operations have been featured in magazines and trade publications numerous times over the past 38 years.

During construction of the Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge, the suspended cable-way and support structures collapsed, dumping hundreds of thousands of pounds of twisted metal and thirty miles of cable into the Colorado River Gorge. Cross was contracted to locate and remove the wreckage. Our custom mooring system and marine salvage support vessels allowed our underwater recovery team to safely remove wreckage from the fast moving waters of this nearly inaccessible location. Our proprietary technology and strategies offer cost effective marine salvage solutions for seemingly impossible search and recovery operations.

Marine Salvage Services:

Commercial Diving Boat Salvage

Commercial Diving Airplane Salvage


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